Penny Blossoms
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Lots of clients think I have been a wedding florist for a very long time!
Penny Chong
After years of working in London, Penny Chong left the corporate world and went back to college to study floristry. Having freelanced in several florist shops, she decided to have her own business and do it differently.

Penny Blossoms started as a bud in 2012. A lot of love, enthusiasm and passion have gone in to nurture and encourage this bud to blossom into a perennial beauty. Penny has gained recognition for her distinctive floral style by having the confidence to mix colours and textures to produce stunning designs.

Penny’s designs will evoke all your senses.
Sound - listen to the bride first, then advise and inspire her
Sight - use pastel or vibrant colours to match the bride’s personality
Smell - select flowers and foliage that are naturally scented
Taste - include edibles like chillis, berries, herbs
Touch - create a bouquet so tactile that you want to touch and smell it all the time

Come over for a consultation in the relaxed setting of the contemporary Blossoms
Studio. Tea, coffee, biscuits and chocolates are always available.

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